Daayitwa and WREAP



Daayitwa (translated as ‘self-responsibility’ in English) envisions a thriving Nepal where all citizens embrace their responsibilities to collectively transform societal challenges into innovative opportunities.

Towards this vision, Daayitwa is building a movement of young leaders who are guided by shared values of collaborating, innovating, and serving, and create solutions to tackle systemic issues in Nepal.

More specifically, Daayitwa has three goals:

1. Promote inclusive and enterprise-driven economic growth

2. Strengthen governance of public service delivery

3. Foster resilience in local communities


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Women Enterprise Acceleration Program is an initiative to increase Nepali women’s visibility as entrepreneurs. Through a community-based approach to entrepreneurship, WREAP aims to create a meaningful economic and cultural ripple effect that with increase growth and visibility of women entrepreneurs and their enterprises in rural Nepal.

WREAP participates in the Daayitwa Women Enterprise Challenge, a competition that encourages women to create and develop community initiatives.

The parent program of this is Rural Enterprise Acceleration Project (REAP) which fosters systematic positive change and materialize the potential for economic development in Nepal.

The goals include:

1. Build capacity of high growth entrepreneurs with innovative ideas

2. Nurture entrepreneurial spirit in local communities

3. Foster a strong network of innovative communities across Nepal