Board Member Promotions

Recently at Ask A Scientist, our hardworking and involved team has been discovering new ways to spread science awareness and improve the organization.

We have elevated Guin Shaw to the Ask A Scientist board as our new Director of Development. Guin is an Energy Science and Engineering Ph.D. candidate and is currently researching materials for future fusion reactors. She was formerly an NCAA women’s varsity rower, but currently she is training for her first Ironman! She is also a strong advocate for STEAM communication and education. She recognizes that without good teachers and mentors throughout her life she wouldn’t be where she is today. This has inspired her to become a leader in STEAM field and to guide next generation.

Additionally, Jessica Velez, previously our National Outreach Coordinator, has been promoted to Director of Development. She will continue to be in charge of outreach coordination and network on behalf of Ask A Scientist. Her main focus is to develop our non-profit organization into a national community focused on local community outreach. She is very excited about her role and is looking forward to growing the Ask A Scientist organization.

Congratulations to these two women for their board member promotions! We appreciate your passion and devotion to the organization and we are excited for what the future holds for Ask A Scientist.

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