Our Mission

Connect with the general public in a considerate, welcoming and informative manner, and connect those in need of expertise with collaborative support.

Inspire young students and the public to take part in science and research and encourage a more inclusive scientific community.

Advocate for science communication improvement and outreach throughout the community.

About Ask A Scientist

Our focus is to generate university chapters which encourage students from any scientific or engineering background to engage with the general public in a variety of ways, including general inquiries at a table in a public location and talks with high school or middle school students.

We are working on expanding our UTK chapter, and have several opportunities for students to become involved in. For example, we are reaching out to local middle- and high-schools to send volunteers to speak with students about our experiences as scientists, why we chose this career path, and what research we perform if applicable. We have also reached out the Zoo Knoxville and will be participating in events such as their Earth Day Girl Scouts event and Boo at the Zoo.

We are also working to create a science communication initiative. We have started a weekly column in the Daily Beacon which is Q&A style: we answer questions we receive from the general public, students, friends, family, etc.

In addition, we have partnered with Daayitwa, a non-profit organization located in Nepal, to create an initiative which links engineering students from Dartmouth and the University of California Santa Barbara directly to women entrepreneurs in Nepal in order to provide technological aid and further develop their businesses.

If you are interested in sponsoring a new university chapter or volunteering with Ask A Scientist at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, please contact us!